My heart belongs to a rescued dog.
The moment I first saw you, so lonely and lean,
I wondered to myself that day what sadness you had seen.
As soon as we connected. It’s almost like you knew,
That I would love you always through the good and bad times too.
Now you share your life with me, we rarely are apart,
A precious friendship rescued on the day I lost my heart.



This is Ranger! Or Secret Ranger Man, Ranger Danger or Rodney Rangerfield.
He is our most patient, tolerant and furry Great Pyrenees rescue from Texas.
We couldn’t have asked for a better guardian and friend for our Labradors than Ranger. He has a strong bond with Jovi and is quite the teddy bear with her.


Jake is the reason for all of this. He is the reason there is a FargoRidge.
Jake was a rescue from the University of Guelph ‘non-invasive pain management’ trials. He taught me a lot about life and even more about dogs and we miss him every single day. He had his moments and wasn’t perfect, but he was perfectly himself.


Maggie1 Maggie2