Citadel Smith and Rutherford

Beechcroft Frozen In Time x Endeavour’s Bombshell At Citadel
DOB: February 05, 2014


  • OFA cardiac normal-cardiologist echo

Co-owned with Pam Smith

IMG_0497 [118649]

IMG_0125 IMG_0074


  • Elgin County Kennel Club: WD/BOW (Carlos Quinones)
  • Essex County Kennel Club: WD/BOW/BOB (Sue Ellyn Rempel); WD/BOW/BOB (Janet Lobb)

Specialty Critiques

Labrador Owners Club 2015: 12-18 month dog sweeps (Abby Fallis, Northrunner)
1st: Lovely athletic build, great coat. Excellent length of leg, very clean mover. Nice head and eye colour.

Labrador Owners Club 2015: 15-18 month dog (Traci Stintzcum, Buttonwood)
2nd: Very nice head and eye colour.