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Mason wins best of show – veteran


Mason Mason-Apr2018
CH LastCall Fargo World’s My Stage X Citadel’s Chutney
DOB: February 17, 2011


  • By
  • OFA hips excellent
  • OFA elbows normal
  • OFA cardiac normal-cardiologist echo
  • Optigen PRA clear
  • CERF cleared annually
  • EIC clear

Mason comes to us from Pam Smith at Citadel Labradors, and is sired by our Marshall. Mason, like our Marshie has a temperament to die for!
When Mason is not chilling around the farm with the rest of the pack, or out strutting in the show ring, he is out visiting Retirement Homes as a St. John Therapy dog.

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  • Kent Kennel Klub: BOB (Michael Forte); Select Dog (Robert Whitney), Select Dog (Denys Janssen); BOS (David Swartwood)
  • Windsor All Breed Training & Tracking Club: BOB (Rosemary Shoreman); BOB (Ed Wild)


  • Woodstock & District Canine Association: BOB (Jack Ireland)
  • Windsor All Breed Training & Tracking Club: Select Dog (Heather Langfeld), Select Dog (Thomas Alexander), Select Dog (Sandy Alexander)
  • Kent Kennel Klub: BOB, Group 2nd (Olga Gagne), BOB (Alejandro Rojas Sanchez)
  • Forest City Kennel Club: BOB (Elizardo Valadez), Select Dog (Kathrine Grant)
  • Monarch Kennel Club: BOB (Elaine Whitney), BOB (Kim Ramey Leblanc), BOB (Robert Whitney)


  • Wildwood Kennel Club: BOS (Doug Windsor), BOS (Ron Tolson)
  • Windsor All Breed Training & Tracking Club: BOB (Ed Wild); Select Dog (Oscar Echandi)
  • Kent Kennel Klub: BOB (Marilyn Foulds), BOB (Heather Langfeld)
  • Guelph & District Kennel Club: BOS (David Swartwood)
  • K-W Kennel Club: Select Dog (Heather Brennan)
  • Essex County Kennel Club: BOB (Jacqueline Rusby), Select Dog (Phyllis Pancel)
  • Elgin County Kennel Club: BOB (Barbara Dempsey Alderman), BOS (Rui Oliveira), BOB (Dana Cline)
  • Caledon Kennel Association: BOB (Wendy Wilhauck)


  • Kent Kennel Klub: BOB, Group 4th (David Swartwood)
  • London Canine Association: BOB, Group 3rd (Ed Wild)
  • Essex County Kennel Club: BOB (Rick Fehler), BOB (Mauro Alves)
  • Caledon Kennel Association: BOB (Charles Olvis)
  • Brantford & District Kennel Club: BOB (Janet Lobb)


  • Essex County Kennel Club: BOB (William Rodriguez Umana)


  • Labrador Owners Club 2016: Mason makes the cut for Best of Breed under Yoland Shirton (Woolman) and Maxine Woodley (Alkamhurst)!